Green Valley Greenhouse Saves Labor with Flood Floors
Brad Wolf, President of Green Valley Greenhouse, is managing more crops with less labor, thanks to a new flood irrigation system.

Brad Wolf
Brad Wolf, President of Green Valley Greenhouse.


by Michael Kovalycsik, National Sales & Marketing Director, Delta T Solutions

Growers are known for being perpetually busy, and Brad Wolf is no exception. As President of Minnesota-based Green Valley Greenhouse, he manages 13 acres of covered space, growing annuals, Easter lilies, mums and poinsettias. When he decided to expand the operation with a new greenhouse, he knew he wanted to incorporate flood irrigation into the design. “We can water a lot of plants with very little labor,” Wolf says, adding that the system allows a single grower to manage a lot more plants. “And we can change our spacing pattern on the floor without being limited by traditional irrigation tubes.”



In addition to those benefits, the water and fertilizer savings have been significant. “We flood the floor with water, and whatever isn’t taken up by the plants gets returned to our storage tank and gets back out on the floor in the next section of crops,” Wolf says. “Everything can be reclaimed, recycled and reused.” He adds that the flood irrigation system works well with the greenhouse’s heated concrete floors.


His latest investment is a second flood irrigation system. Wolf installed a Delta T Solutions flood floor system in a smaller greenhouse in 2008. Pleased with the results, he felt that going with Delta T again for the new system was a no-brainer. Wolf suggests that growers interested in flood irrigation discuss their operational needs and goals with Delta T Solutions. “The people there really listen to you, and you can throw out different ideas – maybe some they haven’t considered – and they’ll try to work with you to see if it really is a benefit to you,” he says.



Wolf adds that after receiving the initial proposal from Delta T, he appreciates that the lines of communication remain open. “We look at it (the proposal) and see things we feel we have to modify, and so we communicate that back and forth,” he says. “Sometimes you run into things when you’re building something you hadn’t anticipated, so we have to make changes in the design. We always have a good, clear, open, back-and-forth communication trying to get the best solution.”


Brad Wolf, President of Green Valley Greenhouse.
Brad Wolf with Mike Kovalycsik of Delta T Solutions.



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